7 Steps to a Bulletproof Life with Chris Lee with Lewis Howes

Chris Lee is a transformational facilitator, coach, and TV personality. For 27 years, Lee has traveled the world teaching and empowering people, including world business leaders and Hollywood celebrities, to live an extraordinary life.

Audio version:

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • The connection between life and energy (6:20)
  • The biggest way people give their power away (7:30)
  • Why having a purpose is so powerful (8:31)
  • How responsibility is actually an interpretation (17:05)
  • The simple exercise that will shift your entire perspective on your life (22:50)
  • How to trust the process when you don’t want to (32:54)
  • How Chris has taken on something in his life that he was resisting (36:34)
  • The secret behind creating consistent enthusiasm (49:06)
  • Plus much more…